Pantofi Barefoot Natural look-căptușeală piele premium fără crom

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Materiale Folosite Piele tip presaj la exterior - căptușeală piele premium fără crom la interior - talpa din cauciuc antiderapant
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Nothing compares to the sense of walking barefoot in... soft grass! It seems impossible for our children to experience this feeling, especially in urban or even rural areas, because of weather, pinnacle, ticks or paved parks. With the shoes walking away Timmo can! Because they are designed with a 4-layer soleplate with a spongy sponge and the extremely flexible Flex-resistant Svig rubber outsole that is waterproof, it's anti-slip and very suitable for outdoor use (can also be used indoors)! The model incorporates the bearer lock system to give a feeling of stability even if the size is slightly larger (see here the recommendation for choosing the size) but above all a total child's independence on the shoe from the earliest age due to the ladder! Attention the first pair of shoes will be a novelty for the little one and it could be very excited by the velcro sound! We encourage you to let him test, he will resist

What are your achievements and how to come to your feet?

Walking barefoot shoes for the first steps for the exterior are made of premium leather, imported from Italy, extremely soft, for a maximum feeling of comfort, chrome free linen. With 3mm rubber outsole, Timmo barefoot shoes can also be used on wet surfaces, but they are not stitched to the sides, the front and back of the shoe are not completely united to provide greater flexibility to the model, so we do not recommend using them for walking or diving! The shoe sits on the foot like the adult slippers, slightly lingering especially at the front of your fingers so that the little ones experience a feeling of ease and convenience! The shoes do not have any reinforcement or elasticity in their composition and the main feature is that they form on the foot of the baby! The soleplate has 4 layers from the inside to the outside, such as a fine inner liner, a sponge, a stitched natural leather boot and a 3 mm anti-slip rubber outside. The four layers of the sole form a sole with a thickness of approx. 1 cm that protects the little soil from cold even in a late autumn! The shoes are also known and resemble the shoes of the famous Mikey Mouse cartoon character due to their slightly wider shape at the front! The shape allows the little ones to keep their fingers free, to feel the ground and find their center of gravity in the first months of walking, and then to have a very good alternative to the comfortable shoe up to the largest available sizes!

When and who can wear them?

Walking barefoot shoes are recommended to be worn out in the vast majority of the year from early spring until late autumn by children in their early stages up to the age of four. The model is available up to 17.5 cm inside, but on request we also make great measures for school and adult! Being so light, about. 80 grams (weighing 13 cm in the interior), shoes can be successfully worn by babies in their wearing systems, not being too heavy for mums who can easily drop them down when they want it.

Customizing shoes

Shoes can be customized, on request, in any color palette and any other application, can be made in any size other than the standard list, and customized with the name of the wearer. If you opt for a personalized pair, keep in mind that it will not be accepted for return, so it is important that the measure be the right one.

What do doctors say?

It is the most recommended shoe model that is barefoot at international level by orthopedic surgeons around the world, both because of the uniqueness of the design and the flexibility and comfort it gives to the wearer. For more details on international recommendations, visit the Mums Club blog

How do we choose the right measure?

The size of the shoe, especially online, is not a perfect process. That's why we have a friendly exchange policy. We believe that the next pair will be easier to choose, with only a larger measure Because the foot is three-dimensional, any two-dimensional measuring instrument, such as a ruler or a special sole length measuring device, can only approximate the true size of the shoe. Manufacturers are shaping their shoes on different foot shapes, which you've heard of as calapod, which is why the younger one could wear the 20th measure to a producer and 21 to the other (they can bet you are sitting in the shoe closet with different numbers that come to you). We recommend that the length of the shoe should be at least 0.5 mm higher than the child's sole measured as instructed. Please read the indications about correct measurement of the child and choose the measure closest to the child's sole! Attention, shoes running barefoot are sewn to the outside, the length of the outer sole is 1.5 cm greater than the useful length of the boom on the inside. The manufacturer's stall is the alternate wearing of at least 2 pairs per season and the cleaning of the footwear after each wearing.

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Culoare Produs grej
Materiale Folosite Piele tip presaj la exterior - căptușeală piele premium fără crom la interior - talpa din cauciuc antiderapant
Vârsta recomandată 0-5 ani

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