Pink Hearts Kindergarten Shoes


We designed Kindergarten Shoes to provide a snug, light and flexible sole because they will be your child’s favorite shoes in which he will spend most of the day in kindergarten playing and exploring.

Pink hearts grows with your girl having the classic barefoot  model for sizes 20 to 25 and designed on fit back but high instep for sizes 26-29

Size chart
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"Have you thought about how many hours your child spends in kindergarten or school? Is he comfortable in his shoes all day? Timmo proudly launched the collection of shoes for kindergarten and school considering some aspects that need to be shared with you as a parent Whole-Body Health: Footwear with soft, flexible soling supports the development of strong, healthy feet. Wearing traditional (stiff) shoes for long periods during childhood can actually mold the bones to the shape of the shoe and force toes to squeeze together, potentially resulting in painful foot health problems as adults. Over time, any postural foot abnormality can also have an effect further up the body, permanently altering posture and walking style. Proprioception, Movement, and Comfort: Secure, non-constricting classroom shoes promote the balance and proprioception necessary for active games, eurhythmy, and other kinesthetic learning. Additionally, soft-soled footwear makes it comfortable for students to sit cross-legged on the floor during lessons; this relaxed seated posture frees children to pay attention to teachers and fellow classmates.  Kindergarten and school shoes are designed for your child's safety so that children can be active, explore and discover while their feet have the proper level of protection against cold floors, germs and sharp objects. Classy footwear keeps children's feet safe and free. *Colour and pressure of the rubber soles may differ from that of the product presented.

Designed and handcrafted in Mrenesti, Vâlcea Romania

Size Chart
17 11,5 cm
18 12 cm
19 12,5 cm
20 13 cm
21 13,5 cm
22 14 cm
23 14,5 cm
24 15 cm
25 15,5 cm
26 16,2 cm
27 16,7 cm
28 17,3 cm
29 17,97 cm
30 18,63 cm
31 19,3 cm
32 19,96 cm
33 20,63 cm
34 21,30 cm
35 22 cm

Choosing the right size of your shoes, especially online, is not a perfect process. Because the foot is three-dimensional, any two-dimensional measuring instrument, such as a ruler or a special sole-length measuring device, can only approximate the true size of the shoe. Manufacturers model their shoes on different shapes of foot, which you have heard about under the name of last, which is why your kid may wear the size 20 to one manufacturer and 21 to another (you might have also different shoes sizes that fits you).

Before launching your order for your kid please remember that children up to 10 might not  be able to consider everything by themselves, such as shoes are too tight or too loose, there is not enough room for toes etc. Therefore, it is important to know your child’s feet to be able to choose correctly. Before buying barefoot shoes, measure both feet first (yes, both feet, as feet are seldom identical) and consider this advices

1.How your child will wear the shoes - with or without socks - and to make the measurement according to this. In the case of sandals and ballerinas, you will measure the bare foots' long.

2. We recommend you to orders shoes that are with minimum 0,5cm up to 1,2cm longer that his longest toe.

3.Try 2 measuring  alternatives to make sure you launch the correct order!

How to measure

1. Place a piece of paper on even ground.

Place your bare foot  on the paper (you must be standing, not sitting, during measuring as your  weight on your the foot makes the foot longer).

Take a pencil and mark the heel and the furthest point from the heel to the longest measurement.

Use a ruler and measure the parallel difference between these two points.

 If you have a wider foot you might want to measure the width and instep and make sure the  pair you order will fit right

Watch the video below to understand how to take the measurements correctly

2. You need a book and a ruler and a wall

You can measure your feet or your child's feet at home using a book, a ruler and a wall. You can then see where the measurement fits on our shoe sizing guide to find the recommended shoe size.

Place bare foot with heel barely touching the wall and longest toe barely touching the flat spine of a book. Step away carefully and measure the distance from the wall to the book.

 3. If you have an option to compare your measurement with an actual insole of one of your most comfortable shoes, do it. Just to make sure your sizes are close to it.

... and Find Your Size

Once you have the measurement, add the  recommended margin for each collection and look for the closest size from the size chart of the shoe you want to buy. Contact us if you have questions.


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foot type width




Barefoot Classic, Barefoot Fit


Velcro strap

Instep ( volume)

High instep, medium instep


autumn/winter, spring/summer


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